Small Groups – Voice Church – Tustin Community Center at The Marketplace

Small Groups

Life is meant to be lived in community. Now more than ever, especially in SoCal, it’s so easy to have connections but not real friendships. Our hope is that no one feels lonely in the crowd; that’s why small groups are so important.

Voice Small Groups meet in homes all throughout Orange County. Some are bible studies, some go through books or videos, and others are based around interests like hiking or a life stage such as young and married. We are working hard to make sure there’s one that’s a fit for you!

Because of that, if you’re not involved in a small group, you’re missing a huge part of Voice! Take the leap and try one out! The connections team would love to help you find a good one. If it’s not a fit, no worries. We’ll try another one. You can’t force relationships to form, but you know when you find the right fit.

Find A Group

To find a group by life stage, geographic area, or interest, use the links below. Or, email and a member of the Connections team will help you!