On Mission – Voice Church – Tustin Community Center at The Marketplace

Living On Mission

We believe that God is actively working here at Voice, in our community and around the world! Our aim is to engage with what He’s already doing. To join Him and live On Mission.

At Voice

At Voice

God is impacting lives every week here at Voice Church and there are so many ways that we can partner with Him. Without a vision the people perish, but without people the vision perishes. Together, we can see lives forever changed! Serve At Voice



God cares about the needs of the local community. When we work together, we can be a voice to the voiceless and bring hope to the hopeless.

Partner Organizations

We work with many local organizations, but here are just a few that you can connect with and get involved. We’ll also keep everyone aware of urgent needs as they arise. Stop by the Next Steps Booth on Sundays to get involved!


Around the World

One of our core beliefs is that Voice is just one small expression of what God is doing around the world. There are countless ministries, non-profits and believers that are serving on the front lines in every country and continent. It’s our honor to partner with them. We also take missions trips from time to time to be able to help practically and experience what God is doing first hand.

International Missionaries

Here are a few incredible missionaries that we currently support monthly.